Vacuum Excavation: Avoiding the Horrors of Traditional Digging Methods

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Vacuum excavators are now among the most important heavy equipment that spread their purpose across several different utilities and construction industries. It is undeniable that their sheer versatility is the main factor that they will be around for many years to come. Daylighting, trench digging, and other forms and applications of non destructive excavation are just some of the jobs that reap benefits from the vacuum excavation innovation. Aside from convenience and productivity, vacuum excavators virtually eliminate most of the horrors that traditional digging methods bring.

Utility Damage

Imagine this scenario: a huge construction company opts to use traditional digging methods instead of vacuum excavation, since they wanted to “save some money”. Unfortunately, during the digging process, their equipment accidentally hits a fibre optic buried underground. The problem seems to be very small – well, it’s just a single fibre optic, after all. Later do they know that the utility they have struck and destroyed connects to a business establishment, a school, and a hospital, who all experienced disruptions in their telecommunication utilities.

Waste of Money

Continuing on with the scenario mentioned above, you can just imagine the hassle that was caused by the single fibre optic that was struck by the construction company’s equipment. Now, do you think that their expense will stop at replacing and hiring a service to repair the broken utility? Absolutely not, because the service interruption that they have caused can possibly lead them to get sued by the parties they have affected. If the worst comes to worst, they can end up getting bankrupt if they lose the case.

Occupational and Public Safety

Mechanical digging equipment entails a rigorous training for contractors who are designated to operate them. Without adequate knowledge, contractors can be put into more hazardous occupational risks. Since it is very difficult to dig a precise hole on the ground due to the weight and size of the equipment, most contractors dig a hole that is larger than necessary. Contractors and the public are at risk for accidental falls on these excavated pits where they can acquire serious physical injuries and even death.

Work Delays

Excavation through mechanical and hand digging methods have extensive turnaround times. This causes companies to lose precious time, money and productivity, as they are unable to finish their job quickly and move on to another. Aside from that, the equipment may experience damages anytime on the job, thereby contributing to further work delays. Nothing is more disappointing for a company to do so little job in a long span of time.

If vacuum excavation is employed as a method of choice, all of these worries mentioned will be eliminated. If the said process is utilized, digging processes can be accomplished in just a fraction of the time that would otherwise be spent using traditional digging methods. Companies can either opt for hydro or air vacuum excavators depending on their job’s needs. No matter what type of non destructive excavation or vacuum cleanup job a company needs, the bottom line is that vacuum excavation holds far more benefits that explain their worth.


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Vacuum Excavation: Avoiding the Horrors of Traditional Digging Methods

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This article was published on 2013/05/17