Using Green Construction Methods For Expansion

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The need for office space for companies is continually growing every year.  The solution that most companies jump to is to purchase new space, but there is an easier way  that saves money and is better for the environment.

Building a new structure can be a cost and resource intensive endeavor.  This process is quite taxing on the environment in a variety of fronts.  Raw materials have to be sourced and transported from many different sources, which lead to a larger carbon footprint.  During the building phase of the project there is a large amount of construction wasted that is generated onsite.  This waste must be cleaned up and hauled away from the site, further decreasing efficiency. 

Modular construction is an alternative to traditional methods of building and takes much of the “construction process” from the job site and moves it to the factory.  This process  allows for conditions to be controlled and managed. This factory- built process yields a more efficiently built product that isn’t subject to many of the same delays found with traditional construction.  Modular factories also recycle excess materials like paper, aluminum and steel. 

The basis for modular construction is the walls produced within these factories.  Modular walls provide a higher level of energy conservation due to better insulation.  Unlike traditionally built walls, modular walls are quite hearty.  These high- quality walls are very durable and don’t require any special cleaning or maintenance.  Due to the way the walls are constructed, they aren’t subject to things like termites, rot, warping and water damage. 

Since modular construction is fabricated within a factory, the onsite assembly comes with a reduced carbon footprint.  Instead of having to transport large amounts of skilled laborers, equipment and machinery, a skilled installation team can complete the project very fast. 

In conclusion, using modular construction is the smart choice that is also better for the environment.  It is built using sustainable methods, recycles excess materials and nearly eliminates onsite construction waste.

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Using Green Construction Methods For Expansion

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This article was published on 2013/11/28