Modular Construction Has A Bright Future

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A recent report has shown that modular construction is poised for continued growth.  The lengthy report found that more businesses are turning toward modular construction, and that will grow in popularity in the future.

The report found that one of the biggest reasons companies choose modular construction is because of the cost.  The overall lower cost for modular isn’t just related to the cost of materials, but it also relates to addressing the hidden costs found with conventional construction.

When using traditional methods of building, the construction process is typically a big headache.  It starts with bringing raw materials to the job site.  Lumber, insulation and heavy equipment all take up residence where the construction is happening.  This is particularly troublesome if the facility is currently in use, as this process is incredibly intrusive. 

On top of all that is the large amount of construction generated through the building phases.  Conventional construction is messy, and besides laying down some sheets of plastic, there aren’t many other ways to combat the mess.  Additionally, there is a significant amount of waste generated on the construction site that needs to be hauled away when the project is finished.

Modular construction provides a great alternative to traditional methods of building.  What makes modular significantly different is the fabrication process. Modular walls are built within the controlled environment of a factory.  This process yields a product that is thoroughly checked for quality control and made using eco-friendly building practices. 

Modular products are shipped from the factory and then installed at the job site.  Since the products are fabricated in the factory, there is no mess, dust or construction  waste generated at the build site.  The modular installation process is pain-free and accomplished incredibly quickly because much of the work is done off-site.

In conclusion, modular construction is pegged for growth for a reason.  It is an efficient method of building, and it is better for the environment.

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Modular Construction Has A Bright Future

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This article was published on 2013/12/17