Helping A Warehouse Maximize Space

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Construction projects always bring their own unique sets of challenges, but there are some projects that require exceptional, creative solutions.  Let me tell you a story about a manufacturing plant and how they were able to make better use of their space.

There is a manufacturing facility in Kentucky that had a unique challenge.  Like many warehouses across the country, they had quite a large facility and  were looking for a solution to maximize this space.  Due to the nature of the production that was occurring at the facility, a wall was needed to separate the space into two separate sections. 

What made this challenge exceptionally unique was the fact that very tall walls were required; about 30 feet high.  This manufacturing business was in a bit of a rush to complete the project,  the conventional methods of construction would simply take too long, and the mess and intrusion would cause a serious amount of downtime.  The company found an out-of-the-box solution through an alternative construction method.

Modular construction has been a popular construction alternative for years and provided a solution for this manufacturing facility.  Using 30- foot high, six- inch thick walls, modular construction provided the perfect solution. 

The modular construction process is quite different from conventional means of building, due to the fabrication process.  Modular walls aren’t built onsite; they are built in the United States in a factory away from the job site.  The fabrication process happens very fast using efficient production methods, and then the walls are transported to the build site.

Instead of having months of dust, mess and workers coming and going  from the built site, modular construction is up and running in no time.  A skilled installation team can come and complete the installation very quickly without all the dust and mess.  Best of all, the modular walls come from the factory in  many different colors and finishes, which means no need for painting or patching.

In conclusion, these modular walls went up quickly without having the factory suspend operations during the installation process. Modular construction was able to save time and money for this business, as well as provide them with a means to effectively manage space.

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Helping A Warehouse Maximize Space

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This article was published on 2013/11/26