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Issued in Guangdong Province on the Highway Authority Construction Outstanding issues in the field investigation and notify the program of work

Cities Highway Bureau, Shenzhen City Transportation Bureau, Provincial Bureau directly under the relevant units:

To implement the Ministry of Transport "on the issuance of Notice" (exchange monitoring [2009] No. 672), and the provincial Department of Transportation "on the issuance of < Guangdong Provincial Department of Transportation construction projects in the field investigation program of work for obvious problems> notice "spirit, as I Board" on the issuance of "Guangdong Provincial Highway Construction Authority to carry out outstanding problems in the field of specialized work program" and "Outstanding Problems in Highway Construction division of special governance arrangements, "the notice (Guangdong public to monitor the letter [2009] No. 947) requires a really good job in our province highway system specific work, the Bureau will organize the outstanding problems in the field investigation and construction work to develop a" Guangdong Provincial Highway Authority, construction work in the field investigation program of outstanding issues ", is issued to you, please comply.

December 23, 2009 Guangdong Provincial Highway Authority

construction work in the field investigation program of outstanding issues

First, the scope of investigation To government investment and use of state-funded construction projects focus on the project since 2008, projects under construction and completion of the investigation. According to Guangdong Provincial Department of Transportation investigation relating to the work requirements of outstanding issues, Bureau of Transportation and municipalities directly under the Provincial Bureau units in accordance with the requirements of this program, responsible for more than 50 million yuan investment in the national, provincial highway construction project investigation.

Second investigation focused on All units must focus on the following links and problems to troubleshoot:

(A) of the capital project decision-making and implementation procedures for the existence of links: 1, violation processing, unauthorized adjustment of investment plans; 2, feasibility studies and preliminary design report or project without approval start; 3 drawings design documents examined or failure, unauthorized started; 4, the construction permit or under report without the approval or filing highway departments, started without authorization; 5, conditions which do not have the organization of Completion Acceptance of Completion Acceptance; six, for failure to Completion Acceptance, Completion Acceptance of the projects failed or record test operation; 7, blind compressed schedule issues.

(2) Tender The existence of tender areas: 1, according to the project shall not tender bidding, or bidding the project to avoid piecemeal; 2 to unreasonable conditions, exclusion of potential bidders, or to set the qualifications for a particular person; 3, potential bidders to disclose to others the name, number, or may affect the fair competition of other information; 4, leaking base price or the evaluation list of experts; 5 different bidders with different standards Ching-piao; to suggest that induction etc. affect the expert impartial evaluation; 6, not in accordance with the tender documents and contract bid documents, or departure from the contract with the successful bidder to enter into the substance of the agreement; seven, loan qualification tender bidder, Wai stringing bid, the preparation of a fictitious entity successful; 8, unfair evaluation issues such as evaluation experts.

(C) Project implementation and quality control aspects are present: 1, designated subcontracting, subcontracting, illegal subcontracting; 2, unauthorized alterations to the project scale and content; 3, fails to engineering design drawings, technical standards or technological requirements of the construction, use of substandard materials or equipment, shoddy work, poor quality of the project; 4, counterfeit detection unit test reports or inspection conclusion; 5 fee for less than the national contract signed supervision; 6, supervision unit fails to contract with Management personnel and equipment, fails to perform supervisory duties contract requirements; 7, the leadership responsibility system for production safety is not implemented, the construction unit fails to provide for safety, or at work safety management, or project managers responsible for safety and not to obtain a certificate of competency examination; 8 project quality accident occurred or security incident, fails to report the relevant provisions and time issues.

(D) use of material procurement and financial arrangements for the existence of links: 1, material procurement supervision is weak; 2, failing to establish sound financial management, internal control system link, or failure to carry out the provisions of accounting; 3, a material Super budget; 4, violation management, use of construction funds; 5, no payment or breach of the contractual construction works shall provide for the payment; 6, failure to timely apply the provisions of completion accounts and procedures for the transfer of assets; 7, matching funds for construction and other issues are not in place .

(E) works of supervision exists: 1, construction project information is open and transparent bidding system for publicizing violations are established and implemented; 2, complaints and reports about whether a timely manner; 3, construction field matter who it be severely punished and so on.

Specific work units, they can combine their own reality, and further investigation to determine priorities.

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Guangdong Provincial Highway Construction Authority, troubleshooting program - construction, highway

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