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Construction formwork is the use of support structures to mould and set concrete that has been poured into moulds. There are a variety of formworks that are used in construction. The type of formwork that is used in a construction project is determined by many different aspects such as the height of a pillar, which will determine what type of materials will be used to create the specific mould wherein the concrete will be poured. The different materials which are usually used include: steel, wood, aluminium, or prefabricated forms. These materials are normally stripped away from the concrete structure once the concrete has set but can also be left to form part of the structure. This type of formwork is known as stay-in-place formwork.

Construction formwork allows building contractors to build or construct pillars and other structure that have to be strong enough to support the walls and floors or walkways of buildings etc. Formwork is also used in the construction of stairways in buildings. Timber formwork is the cheapest form of formwork as it makes use regular plywood. However it is not as effective as other types but it is still used in construction industry where an area of a building requires a certain amount of detail. Prefabricated formwork makes use of moulds manufactured out of steel or aluminium. These moulds are the strongest and most durable moulds found in formwork and seldom needs to be replaced. This kind of formwork is the most widely used when it comes to the construction of large buildings, as it also much cheaper and cost effective than the use of traditional formwork which takes the longest amount of time.

Stay-in-place form work is used for the supporting pillars of a structure. This formwork type makes use of insulating concrete forms wherein reinforced concrete id poured and then left in place. There are many types of formwork that can be used to erect a building.

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Construction formwork

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Construction Formwork

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This article was published on 2010/09/16