A Solution To Weather Related Construction Delays

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It’s that time of year again, and the seasons are changing.  Although the change in weather is a great change of pace, it also comes with some unfortunate inconveniences, especially pertaining to construction.

Construction projects are usually great things, as it shows signs that businesses are expanding.  Even the most organized products can still be susceptible to weather delays. 

When a new project starts, raw materials are brought to the job site.  This process can be quite disruptive, as all this material needs to reside somewhere on the job site.  Although having this material inside is preferred, sometimes it isn’t convenient, or there may not be enough room. 

A change in weather has the potential to damage these materials, and if they are damaged that means new materials must be sent in their place.  Little things like this add up, and the project gets behind schedule, which affects productivity and the bottom line.

With standard construction methods, weather delays are just part of the process and not a whole lot can be done  about it.  There is an alternative to traditional building methods that isn’t subject to the same weather delays that often plague other construction projects.

Modular construction has been used for decades and is growing in popularity as a construction alternative.  Instead of storing all of the raw building elements and building them at the job site, the fabrication takes place inside a factory.  This means no more weather delays or material re-orders, as the factory provides controlled conditions.

Once the fabrication process is complete, the modular components are shipped to the job site.  Once they arrive they are carefully unloaded and assembled in about half the time it would take traditional methods of building.  Instead of having a wide variety of workers to handle framing, painting, electrical and other tasks, a small team of modular installers can finish the job incredibly quickly.

Modular construction offers some unique benefits like flexibility.  Modular walls can be pre-wired for electricity and come in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Additionally, these walls have the added benefit of being able to be moved or reconfigured.  Modular construction also provides some unique tax advantages. 

In conclusion, if you are tired of dealing with weather delays, modular construction is the solution.  Factory controlled conditions lead to a product fabrication that isn’t susceptible to the elements like traditional methods of building.

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A Solution To Weather Related Construction Delays

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This article was published on 2013/10/15